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Baby Mango Friend



When I made volume one I was eager to DJ again. It had been 5-6 years since I played a set in public. I didn’t have a laptop either so I downloaded the mp3’s from YouTube and sequenced them on my tablet in a mini video editor. I used to listen to a lot of mixtapes. I don’t anymore but I think it’s still an exciting way to compile music. I’ve seen artists in recent times even try to make their albums sound and feel like an old mixtape.


I called it “Warmup my lips” because it’s like a warm up for me. Maybe I’ll get back to doing live sets again, maybe I’ll just be a mixtape DJ. But it’s a warmup to get the blood flowing and some momentum in an artistic way.   


I tend to listen to the artists and genres I enjoyed in my childhood and adolescent years. So most of the songs I feature I’ve known for a very long time. And it’s nothing I have against newer music. I’m actively trying to be better at opening myself up to newer music. It’s just that I tend to go digging in the past for musical inspiration more than I do the current.


And since I don’t use a laptop or hard drives to house a music library like before, I’m building sets almost entirely from memory now, track by track. I think of one song, download it, sequence it. Then that one song might remind me of another song. And it keeps going until I have a mixtape. When I had a music library it was a little different. And easier. 



Artwork for Warmup My Lips Vol 1-3 created by BabyMangoFriend

Ear Audigy

"A suh it guh innah Paris"


“The mix is named A suh it guh (inna Paris). It was created for an exhibition being shown in Paris at the moment by street photographer, Marina Burnel. I was the dj for the staging of A suh it guh (in Jamaica) last year and her previous exhibition (Fractures). She takes pictures mostly of people..rastas, queer ppl, kids having fun, whatever her eye sees art in then she prints the pics and transfer it unto zinc.  The aim was really to find a vibesy blend of reggae songs that could move any audience really. The mix features names like Bob Marley, Sizzla, Bunny Wailer, Everton Blender, Koffee, Sevana, Chronixx, Ras I and even some french names like David Cairoll and Delphine”