Djs, artists and music lovers take the challenge to create an interesting lietening experience.

The motivation behind the Dj residency was to create an event which allowed djs and music lovers to explore the idea and practice of creating interesting listening experiences. I have always been interested in understanding more about how people listen to music; what makes a selection of songs interesting to listen to? Recently I have been paying more attention to how important the activity of listening to music is and I want to work on creating spaces to share music with some of these considerations in mind.

I see the residency as a way to include djs in a conversation about their work as art. I think it could also expand the possibilities of hearing interesting music being presented in interesting ways in Kingston. I started to work on the idea with Tavis S.K Benjamin, she is an artist who did a studio visit to the SOUL HQ and she had a few ideas about what would be important for an experience like this. We decided to develop the idea together and launch the series at the SOUL HQ.

The Residency features a presentation by a dj, selecta, or artist with an opportunity for feedback from those listening.

Saturday April 27 2024 - Dj Afifa and Baby Mango Friend

Sunday June 23, 2024 Dj Afifa and Ear Audigy

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