FAM Retrospective

Female African Musician Retrospective

“Music saved me. Many times at my very low points I have used music to comfort me and restore me.

Whether it was listening to a song or thinking about the life of the artist and how they overcame challenges or worked towards successes.

Music has always been a place I can turn to. Recently to overcome a particularly difficult challenge I turned to female musicians. The life and music of Beninese artist Angelique Kidjo has been especially important in helping me to reflect on changes in my life.

The voice of  South African artistes  Bongo Mhlongo, Thandiswa Mazwai and Simphiwe Dana have been comforting. 

When I connect with an artist I use interviews to help me understand the music the artist is making and how to locate and understand them in a wider social context. Through music we can find inspiration and motivation to discover life”-dj afifa

A Retrospective is a word that comes from the art world. It usually involves a review of a body of work by an artist within a defined period of time or related to a specific theme in their work. 

The FAM retrospective looks at specific bodies of the work by  Female musicians in Africa.


The Magic of Aye and Fifa

AYE and FIFA are two albums produced by Angelique Kidjoe. Aye was produced in 1994 and Fifa in 1996. Both albums were released by Island Records.  The Magic of Aye and Fifa explores the Fon and Yoruba creation story.